Pet bottle range: practicality has a new style

The new line of PET bottles guarantee absolute hygienic quality of the water; they are aesthetically eye catching with a fresh and modern design; they are designed for easy handling.

For the catering sector, we have created a new 1lt blue PET bottle: an elegant addition to any table with greater stability and given balance.

Paradiso offers its customers a wide variety of PET formats.

The bottles can be clear or coloured, barriered or standard, monolayer or multilayer, with roll-fed or full-body sleeve labels, flat or sport closure caps, transparent or personalized film, single or multi-packaging, pallets 80×120 or 100×120 (USA).

Available sizes in PET

  • 033-frizzante
  • 033-naturale

mineral water

0,33 L

  • 05_gasata
  • 05_naturale

Still and sparkling
mineral water

0,5 L

  • 1_paradiso_frizzante
  • 1_paradiso_naturale

Still and sparkling
mineral water

1 L

  • 15_paradiso_frizzante
  • 15_paradiso_legg_frizz
  • 15_paradiso
  • 15-annia
  • 15-pocenia-naturale
  • 15-pocenia-frizzante

Still, sparkling and slightly sparkling mineral water

1,5 L