From the Italian Carnic Pre-Alps to your table

After an underground journey that begins at the foot of the Italian Carnic Pre-Alps, Paradiso mineral water emerges naturally at the premises in Paradiso di Pocenia (Udine-Italy), a pure mineral water rich in elements that make it healthy and beneficial for the body.

The four sources within the estate namely Fonte Corte Paradiso, Fonte Pocenia, Fonte Annia and Torsa are all protected from contaminants through layers of clay 70 meters thick, this profile of geological subsurface protects the waters from pollution.
The waters are rich in calcium and magnesium thanks to the calcite and dolomite rocks they flow through.

The establishment where the Paradiso waters conclude their journey, is one of the most modern equipped in Italy.
It comprises of four state of the art bottling lines with a capacity of approximately 90,000 bottles per hour and is able to package a wide selection of formats.


The establishment of Paradiso is in a completely aseptic environment, confined and protected: the entire production process – from the source to the bottling – is constantly monitored by Quality Control Engineers.

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Paradiso guarantees a proper and efficient use of the natural resources through constant research and development: special care has been taken in the disposal and recycling of empty bottles, the plastic labels that can be recycled with the PET bottle that optimizes the cycle and is beneficial to the environment.